Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up in Google Searches?

No surprise the number one question we are asked with regard to online marketing is “why is my business not getting found on Google”. If you competition is showing up in the #1 position with Google, they probably are already using SEO as part of their online marketing strategy.

When a website is viewed, people see the ‘front end’ and some of the functionality that is driven by the ‘back end’. Both cosmetic and behind the scenes development of a website are important and can have a profound effect on how the site will perform with the search engines. If you had your business website set up on the cheap or non-professionally, chances are pretty good it is not properly optimized for the search engines. Through our Website Audit services, we analyze and identify issues within a website, prepare reports regarding its condition and then move forward to correct problems that could profoundly and negatively impact the success of your online marketing campaign.

The main benefits of a regular website audit are:

  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization – get found more often by your target audience.
  • Improved User Experience – As more and more visitors have a great user experience, bounce rates will go down, and engagements will go up resulting in an increase in your rankings within the search engines.
  • Maximized Website and Online Marketing Performance – As the SEO cycle continues, you’ll notice improvement with your overall website performance and online marketing. The results will show lower bounce rates, and higher engagement with conversions of new customers and purchases of your products and/or services.

During a Website Audit, we perform:

  • Market Research and Site Analysis
  • Web Design Analysis
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Error Troubleshooting Report
  • Page Title and Meta Description Troubleshooting
  • Backlinks Report
  • Content Analysis and Optimization Guidelines
  • Report Summary and Recommendation

With a successful online marketing campaign coming from a cutting-edge Website Audit Report, you’ll get higher rankings, more traffic, and more potential leads and customers. Contact us today for a free initial Website Evaluation and we will provide a report of our findings along with a way to move forward on improving your online business presence.