Building a Website Strategy through SEO

Building a Website Strategy through SEO

When business owners discuss search engine optimization with us what they are basically saying is they want to bring people to their website “now!” and it doesn’t really matter how they get there. Well, it does matter “how” you get people to a site and it also matters “why” you trying to drive them there in the first place. A lot of emphasis with regard to discussions on SEO is about a website’s page rank and being at the top of the list on a Google search.  But in reality, if visitors go to your website and aren’t satisfied with what they find there then they don’t ultimately become customers.  And getting customers is what the SEO game is really all about.

The most obvious reason to optimize a website is to improve traffic in the hope those visiting the site will be convinced to buy your product or service. However, it is important to determine who the intended audience will be so the content of the site is most attractive to the targeted audience. The target audience is the group you want to convert into an actual customer.  They aren’t just surfing the net checking things out, but are on a mission to buy and it is the buyers who you want to take an interest in your website.

Through proper SEO analysis, website content can be revised to what will attract visitors who are searching on specific keywords and keyword phrases. This is what targeted traffic means – getting people to view your website to see the content. As in traditional marketing, when you create a business, you have to tell people about it. You don’t just open shop and hope people find out about you. Your product or service needs exposure and since there are millions of people online, it especially crucial to have targeted exposure.

The benefits of properly optimizing your website will not be immediate. It can take a month or longer for your site to rank well in the major search engines. Even though there is some initial one-time work for SEO, there are still ongoing SEO tasks that need to be maintained. Securing a high ranking position in Google for instance, is not permanent. Your competitors will not sit back idly and let you have all the glory. If you invest in the initial SEO tasks now, but not in maintaining your presence in the major search engines, then your investment is a waste of your valuable time and money. This is why we offer a quarterly review of traffic results, so the strategy can be revisited, reviewed and revised where needed.

Even now as you read this, your competitors are raking in the visitors for keyword phrases that apply to your company’s products and services. The reality is, most of your competitors have likely implemented an SEO campaign and are profiting because of it. A well-thought out SEO strategy will set in motion the information search engines need to identify what your website pages are all about. That’s what on-page optimization is all about – setting up your pages to make relevant data clear to the search engines. If it is clear to the search engines, then your site will get traffic and hopefully that traffic will convert into some of your best customers.

Gallop Web Services will work with you to create a presence in the major search engines with a goal of generating targeted traffic.  There is no guarantee traffic will be converted to customers, but we will work with you to attempt to make that happen.