Is Instagram going to share your photos without your permission?

Instagram’s app allows millions of people to run their photos through its fun and beautiful photo filters. Many people use it for both personal and business, so it was upsetting to receive Instagram’s new Terms of Service, claiming “a business or other entity may pay” Instagram for our images without any compensation or notification to us.” There was a huge uproar over this statement and many people showed their displeasure by simply deleting their Instagram account. The photo sharing company quickly recanted and posted to their blog they will be revising the terms of service based on feedback received.

The new terms of use become effective January 16, 2013 and at this time there is no way for users to opt out of the new provisions aside from deleting their accounts altogether before the January deadline. There are several third party sites such as Instaport and Copygram that allow Instagram users to save all their photos from the site so that they can have access to them if they choose to delete their accounts.