Say Goodbye to Windows XP and How About Internet Explorer Too

Windows XP is no longer supported and therefore is a danger to clients who still use XP. We urge you to upgrade your system to Windows 7 or 8. Now would be a good time to stop using Internet Explorer as well. Download Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your default browsers instead.

gallop web services - say goodbye to windows explorer please

Time for the demise of Internet Explorer

Why get ride of Internet Explorer? Personally, we have found it to be the bane of many a web developer. A website will look marvelous on any browser until you look at it in IE. With IE you have to jump through hoops to get the site to render correctly. A tedious process at best. In the beginning years of web design, developers agonized over getting things right. We’d tweak the websites to accommodate all the outdated versions of IE and then some. No more… we steadfastly refuse to dummy down code to the archaic versions of IE.

Web development aside, the main reasons to get rid of IE are to protect the user. Zachary Lukasiewicz created a compelling list of reasons in his LinkedIn article dated April 29, 2014. We totally agree with him.