2012 Green Business Challenge Recognition

Gallop Web Services - Green Business Challenge certificationGallop Web Services was awarded a Silver Certificate at the Green Business Awards Gala on November 1st. The award is for outstanding participation and accomplishment in the 2012 Green Business Challenge. Although we weren’t able to attend the gala, we are honored to have been recognized for our determination to strive for more efficient and sustainable environmental practices in our daily operations. We thank the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce for taking an interest in environmental sustainability.

Loudoun County Green Business Challenge

Gallop Web Services - Green Business Challenge certification Gallop Web Services is proud to support the Green Business Challenge (GBC), hosted by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce.  GBC is a friendly points-based competition that encourages businesses in Loudoun County to reach for more efficient and sustainable practices in their operations.  Gallop Web Services has obtained certification in the Green Business Challenge for adopting environmentally sound business practices.